Terms & Conditions

GlobalZone Corp - Terms & Conditions

Subject of the Agreement

According to the agreement of compensated services, the Company (GlobalZone Corp) is committed to supply services mentioned in clause 1(a to f) of the present Agreement, and Dealer is committed to agree to terms and conditions in clause 2 and 3 of the present agreement.

1)    GlobalZone corp is committed to supply and provide the following services

a.    Free Online Listings for Automotive, Heavy Equipment and/or Powersports.

b.    Local, national and worldwide marketing for said listings.

c.     Secure payments and documentations.

d.    Manage/arrange shipping and transportation of said listings.

e.    Free online portal for account management.

f.      Live online records for all transactions.


Terms and Conditions

2)    Responsibility of parties to the Agreement

a.    The Company takes responsibility for delivering the Dealer’s vehicle from source to mutually agreed destination. The company also takes responsibility to send Invoice, immediately after the Dealer pays full cost of a purchased vehicle.

b.    The Dealer is responsible for the decision to purchase a specific vehicle(s) and the immediate payment of the vehicle and all fees associated with the purchase of the vehicle(s).

c.     The Dealer is responsible for all storage fees payable to storage facilities at the destination port.

d.    Vehicles unpaid at conclusion of (10 Business Days) term duration will be set for resale. Dealer deposit will be forfeited to cover any resale losses, transportation costs and related fees.

e.    Vehicles will not be released to the buyer until full settlement received by GlobalZone Corp and/or Seller.

f.      All purchases require a min of $500 security deposit (not required for USA based dealers with a Dealer license).

g.    Ocean Shipping insurance is required for financed vehicles at a cost of 0.9% of the total cost of the vehicle and all commissions/fees

h.    All arguments and disagreements between the Company and the Dealer with respect to the present Agreement are settled by negotiations.

i.      If it becomes impossible to settle disagreements by negotiations, the case should be submitted for consideration to the Arbitration Tribunal in the state of Georgia in accordance with US Legislation.

j.      Units arrived @ port of destination Unpaid, will be sold to the highest bidder (7 days from arrival).

k.     Resale fee for shipped and unpaid units is 10% of unit value or a min of $450.

l.      Resale fee for not shipped units is Auction fees + $450/unit.

m.   Financed units are not authorized to be picked up by the Buyer.

n.    Financed units will be dispatched and shipped by GlobalZone Corp.

o.    Unauthorized release of any units will cause the buyer to forfeit deposit and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law


Other terms

The Dealer hereby represents and warrants that it has and shall, at all relevant times, consult the relevant websites of the United States Government and the Canadian Government for identified sanctioned countries and/or persons, and any other relevant information involving same. The Customer further agrees and represents that it shall not resell, distribute or give any of the goods sold by GlobalZone Corp Inc. to the Dealer to any individual or entity that is considered a designated person or otherwise conducts business in any listed or designated jurisdiction under applicable sanction law imposed by the Government of the United States or the Government of Canada.

By continuing, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions set in the present agreement.
CORP Service Charge
Value of Vehicle Broker Fee (Payment is required 3 days from purchase date)(Transportation Service Included)Transportation Service Fee (Includes Title handling and export documentationExit Port -USA (Price include broker and transportations service fees)Requires Management Approval                      Port of Destination (Price include broker and transportations service fees)     Requires Management Approval                      
$1-$10,000 $299.00  $99.00 Ask Your Sales Manager for details Ask Your Sales Manager for details  
$10,001-$15,000 $299.00  $99.00    
$15,001-$20,000 $299.00  $99.00 
$20,001-$25,000 $299.00  $99.00  
$25,001-$30,000 $299.00  $99.00 
$30,001-$35,000 $350.00  $99.00 
$35,001-$40,000 $399.00  $99.00