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How do I register?

Registration is very easy and free for registered Used Car dealers. First read all of the information about GlobalZone Corp and feel confident about our services. When you're ready to register, simply Sign up to complete the new member registration application. 

** Be sure to register in the name that you would like the paperwork completed in. Once there is a purchase on an account the name on the account cannot be changed. If an account does not have a purchase on it yet, the name can be changed for a fee of $50 and an updated passport copy.

What privileges do I receive by registering?
When the registration is complete, you will receive access to search for any worldwide automobile in our database. If you wish to buy a vehicle the registration is a Dealer license is mandatory. Delivery services can also be arranged if you're a member.
Why do I need to register?
Buyers and Sellers must register with us because we need to collect information for verification of legitimacy. It is required that we have full knowledge of our clients. This information assists GZC in the release of your vehicle to you at the port of destination.A registration will allow you to buy as many vehicles as you wish. It will also be a fast way for you to arrange delivery.
What fees must be paid along with a registration?
Registration is free.
What are the deposit requirements?
Text Box: Prices in USDBefore any bids or purchases can be made a fully refundable deposit is required to be on file. 

Deposits can be scaled up from there to meet your purchasing power needs. We reward purchases through GZC by increasing your credit limit as more purchases are made. See the table below.
Dealer LocationSeller min DepositBuyer min DepositBuying Limit

Are deposits refundable?
All deposits are refundable upon request. After deposit refund request, funds will be processed within 10 working days.
How do I pay?
If you are the winning buyer of the listing of a vehicle, as soon as you buy or your offer is accepted by the seller, you will receive an e-mail notification with payment instructions.
Bank wire transfer
This email will include the name of our bank, the account number, and the transaction information needed to perform a wire transfer. Be sure to print out this email and bring it with you to your bank. Go to a branch office of your bank. Most banks require you to set up wire transfers by going into your local branch office as a fraud protection measure. Be prepared with the following on hand:
- Picture ID.
- Name of bank transferring funds to.
- Account number transferring funds to.
- Transaction Number for the Auction.
- ABA Routing number of account transferring funds to.
- (or) Printout of the Wire Authorization form.

We will send you an email notification once your payment has been processed. In the meantime, you can check the status of your transaction online by going to Dealer Panel on
Wire transfers
A wire transfer is an electronic payment service for transferring funds by wire from one bank account to another bank account. This is the fastest and easiest method of payment. Once your auction has ended and you are the confirmed buyer, we will send you an email with all of the relevant wire transfer account information for your transaction.
What payment methods do you accept for buyers located overseas?
All international buyers must pay by wire transfer or Certified bank Letter of credit. 

What is your address?

GlobalZone Corp

145 PowerSports Drive

Ellijay, GA 30536


What does it cost me to buy on
As a winning bidder, you pay the final listing price, Service fee, and cost of transportation, which are collected by us prior to the vehicle being shipped from the seller location.
When is my payment due?
Payment must be received by GZC within 5 calendar days of the winning bid to avoid any penalty and/or cancelation. This payment includes the full amount of the winning bid, the buyer’s auction fee and the export brokerage fee.
What is a Service Fee?
A Service Fee is a standard fee that helps cover the cost associated with sourcing products, marketing auctions, running the marketplace and managing services such as payment collection, fulfillment and export documentation preparation for your vehicle.

Remember! The auction has the right to void any transaction.
PLEASE NOTE: If we do not receive your payment within 14 days of the sale date, we reserve the right seize your deposit and re-sell your vehicle.

Is there a penalty if I don't make my payment on time?
If the entire invoice amount is not received within 5 calendar days from the date of purchase, a late fee of the greater of $150 or 1% of purchase price will apply on Day 6. An additional Late fee of $150 will apply on Day 11th.

Which currencies do you accept?
(See chart below)

Seller LocationCurrency
United States of AmericaUSD (Only)
CanadaUSD & CAD (Please request our Canadian wire instructions)
JordanUSD & JOD
How do I check the status of my payment?
We will notify you via email as soon as your payment has cleared. You can also check the status of your payment online in the Dealer Panel on
How long does it take for a payment to clear?
Wire transfers will be posted to your account within 1 hour of processing.



How do I place a bid?
Bidding on GlobalZone is by Making an offer on any selected vehicle. The seller will sell to the highest offer.
How can I automatically increase my offer?
Go to your Dealer Panel, under Offers Sent, click on the desired listing and You can ‘Make an offer’ again
How do I know if I've been outbid?
You will receive an email notifying you that someone has outbid your highest bid price. If the auction is still open, you will have a chance to place a new bid or proxy bid by going back to the Offers sent page or by logging into Dealer Panel.
How do I know if I've won the auction?
After you have won the auction, you will receive an email notification with payment instructions. Once we receive and process your payment, we will notify you and instruct auction to prepare your vehicle for pick up and/or delivery to the shipping address on file.
How can I cancel an offer?
An offer is a binding contract. Once the offer/bid has been placed, it cannot be lowered, cancelled or retracted.
I am a new client, and I can only place one bid at a time. Why is this?
It is our policy to only allow new clients to have one outstanding bid at a time. This means that once you place your first bid, you will be blocked from placing further bids. This block will remain in effect from the time you place the bid until the auction you bid on is complete. If you do not win the bid, then you may place another bid. If you win, you will also face a restriction. This procedure is only for new clients. Once you have completed one transaction, this restriction will be removed from your account. A completed transaction is one that has been paid in full.
I am a new/first time buyer on, and I have already won 1 vehicle. Why can't I place a bid on any additional cars?
It is our policy to allow first time buyers to have no more than one (1) outstanding transactions that require payment. Once all outstanding transactions have been paid, you are free to continue bidding until you win an additional auction. As soon as your first transaction is complete, you will be able to bid again. A completed transaction is one that has been paid in full.


Who is responsible for shipping and/or shipping costs?
The buyer is responsible for all shipments. GZC can help arrange shipping through our shipping company.
How do I get a shipping estimate?
Shipping estimates (land transport from the auction to US exit port and ocean transport to destination port) are displayed with every car - please only choose country and destination port.
Note: Shipping estimates are provided by third party as a guide only and are subject to change based on rates charged by carriers.
Are there any extra shipping charges?
No. There are no extra transportation charges. The only extra charges may be for the courier of the original title to US customs and back and the courier of the original title to destination ( if required ).
How do I check the status of my shipment?
Simply by checking your purchases on your Dealer Panel.
Can you ship to my country?
All countries are not treated the same way because of differences in national security, foreign policy considerations and Federal Regulations. 

Cars can not be shipped to the following countries:
- Cuba
- Iran
- North Korea
- North Sudan
- South Sudan
- Syria
Can I insure my vehicle during transportation?
Yes, after purchasing a vehicle you may purchase insurance to cover the ocean transport phase of the shipping process. This insurance covers both damage and total loss.



How often are new vehicles added to the site?
The GZC website is updated daily. BUT GZC has no control over new listings.
Listings are added and updated by the seller.
How are the vehicles selected to be on GZC?
The manufacturer or seller determines which vehicles will be placed. GZC vehicles come from commercial sellers, such as manufacturers, used car dealers, leasing companies, financial institutions, and rental companies. Large and medium-sized dealer consignors and wholesalers may place their vehicles in the GZC inventory.
How will I know where the vehicles are located?
Vehicle location and destinations are listed.
Is the price of the vehicle negotiable?
Vehicle prices are negotiable if the seller has the option to make an offer.
Who determines the sale price of the vehicles?
The seller determines the price at which he wishes to sell the vehicle. The Seller also Accepts or declines offers.
Condition Grading Scale - what does it mean? How to read these grades?
Grade 5 - Vehicle in excellent condition
Grade 4 - Vehicle is better than average
Grade 3 - Normal wear and tear
Grade 2 - Shows signs of excessive wear and tear
Grade 1 - Shows signs of severe abuse
Grade 0 - Vehicle is inoperative
Can I see the vehicles I am interested in bidding on in person?
No, this is not normally possible. Pictures are available usually for a particular vehicle. In some locations it may be possible to purchase additional pictures or an inspection report during the purchase process.
Does the Seller charge the buyer a fee in the purchase of a vehicle?
There is no Seller Fee to the buyer.
When will I receive confirmation for purchased vehicles?
When a vehicle is purchased you will know all of the information about that vehicle. Invoices will be issued and location revealed. Note that when doing a basic search of a vehicle, the actual transportation costs through the port of New Jersey will be stated. Keep this cost in mind when purchasing a vehicle.
What if the vehicle is not in the condition advertised?
We suggest that before you purchase a vehicle that you are certain of the options and condition of the vehicle. This is very precise and documentation will be needed if the vehicle is not as described. You would contact us on all arbitration issues. As in the traditional auction sale, all buyers have the right to arbitrate a vehicle purchase if expectations are not met. A vehicle condition report is performed on every vehicle. Additional images on vehicle damage are accessible. Minor scratches and dents are described in full detail. We suggest that before you purchase a vehicle that you are certain of the options and condition of the vehicle.
How can I find the history of the registrations, accidents and branding of any vehicle?
As a registered dealer you may access to the complete history of the vehicle from the day it was first sold after manufacture. This information is very comprehensive. It includes all registrations, accidents and the status(branding and salvage) of the vehicle.
  • Service Fees
GlobalZone CORP Service Charge
Value of VehicleBroker Fee (Payment is required 3 days from purchase date)(Transportation Service Included)Transportation Service Fee (Includes Title handling and export documentationExit Port -USA (Price include broker and transportations service fees)Requires Management ApprovalPort of Destination (Price include broker and transportations service fees)     Requires Management Approval
$1-$10,000$89.00$75.00Ask Your Sales Manager for details